Explore the Mars Rover

Rovers are one of the major tools of modern-day exploration. Over the last twenty years, these robotic explorers have grown in size and capability, providing important information about our close planets and moons in the solar system, specifically Mars and the moon, their geological present, and their past. Rovers have given scientists access to wide areas of Mars by their ability to move around and investigate different locations with diverse terrain. Since the 1960s, humans have started to discover more about Mars, how planets grow and evolve, and whether it has ever hosted any life form. Space explorations provide many important connections to young learners, yet how does one can make a sense of what these missions have to offer? This world presents a variety of approaches for bringing the topic of Mars to young learners. They will be encouraged to conduct research using recent images and data from Mars and explore the planet themselves. In this world, participants learn about Mars, its related missions, and engage in scientific exploration.

Our office hours will be held on Fridays at 7pm EST.